岡田 直子 Naoko Okada

President and CEO of Network Communications Corp

In 2009, Naoko established the PR agency, Network Communications Corp, moved by a firm sense of mission to bring every valuable local service to the global markets.

As the PR director, she has conducted numerous successful brand-buildings mainly in the fields of IT and technology. Not only is she now focused on supporting public relations for SMEs and startups, but she is engaged in launching support of the PR department, efficient development of professional PR skills, B2B networking support, and lobbying activities. She opened the US branch in Washington DC in 2016, and in the Asia region she is devoting herself to support inbound and outbound projects in cooperation with a local agency in Hong Kong, aiming to be a “global communication agency” which connects Japan, Asia, and the world.


Reimi Kojima

Branch manager at the U.S. branch

Reimi Kojima joined Network Communications Corporation in 2011. From technology to fashion, she has experienced a wide range of company support including PR plan development, PR content creation, and media relations primarily for Japanese enterprises and organizations. She moved to the United States in 2016 and works on communications support for Japanese and US companies and cultural dissemination.